Inspirational Quotes: Sober Inspiration

inspiritional quotes sober inspiration
inspirational quotes sober inspiration

Everyone in recovery needs a little sober inspiration!

Sometimes recovery itself can make you feel inspired and full of life. Other times, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and getting a little sober inspiration can be super helpful to keep you going. Especially right now when many people are abstaining from meetings due to the Corona Virus!

First, remember your why

Sometimes staying on the path is as easy as remembering why you wanted to get sober in the beginning. You had reasons for changing your life, think about what they were and make sure you’re keeping that inspiration close. Forgot your why or never had one? Try journaling and asking yourself what the pros and cons of sobriety are and see where that leads you. You might find that under the pros there are many “why’s”.

Second, remember, we don’t all have bad days on the same day

The good news is, we don’t all have bad days at the same time so go to friends for encouragement when you’re feeling down. Call someone in recovery who you trust. Just don’t go to the apple store for oranges. What does that mean? Know your audience and if you need inspiration, call the people who can help. There are people in my life I love, but don’t always see the silver lining. These are not the people to call when I’m down. It won’t help and then it’s easy to feel disappointed and lean towards globalizing all the negative.

Nature is a cure

I’m a firm believer that a walk outside, in nature if possible, is a wonderful opportunity to remember that we are but small beings in the world. It is well reported that nature relieves anxiety and depression. We also know that getting a little exercise will boost your mood. Give it a try. If you live in a city, maybe wait for the weekend to see if you can get somewhere relaxing where you can find inspiration. Again, this is a time when going for a walk, run or hike outside can be an alternative to going to gyms or yoga studios if you’re worried about health issues.

Find sober activities

There are plenty of fun things you can do sober! Here’s a list of sober activities for the weekend that you might enjoy. Otherwise, make a list of things you enjoy or make you feel good that are safe and stick to that.

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