Grief Quotes: Walks Beside You

Quote of the Day Grief

Unresolved grief can linger and cause problems It’s important to figure out if you’re living with unresolved grief. And, if so, it’s critical to find out how to deal with it in healthy ways so it doesn’t interfere with your life or happiness. Unresolved grief is more common than we think. And now with the […]

Motivational Quotes: Thriving In Survival Mode

positive quotes will I ever be happy again

Thriving in survival mode has become a new art form You may save thriving in survival mode is impossible. But there are positive changes to the way people are rallying and helping and appreciating each other. We have a new understanding of essential workers who keep this nation going. People hungry and struggling hurts us […]

Quotes: Emotional Rollercoaster In Covid 19

emotional rollercoaster in Covid 19

Yes, you’re on an emotional rollercoaster in Covid 19 lockdown right now. Feeling more lows than highs, we suspect. Anyway, we are. Life was challenging enough before the outbreak. Who isn’t on an emotional rollercoaster right now is the question? You may feel grateful for many things one moment and ready to scream the next. […]

Hope Quotes: Surviving A Toxic Past

hope quote surviving a toxic past

Who doesn’t have a toxic past? Surviving a toxic past is necessary for any path – especially in recovery. Seriously, if you’re a person in recovery or multiple 12-step programs, which many of us are, it’s more than likely that there’s some trauma or toxic situations in your past. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, […]

Motivational Quotes: Distractions Help Heal

Distractions Can Help You Heal

Distractions can help you heal when you need tools for recovery Distractions can help you heal – it may seem impossible at first. You’re so down in the dumps and feeling lonely. You may be angry at yourself for enduring a bad relationship, but you may also be angry at the person/people you have to […]

Motivational Quotes: Stay Positive Around Toxic People

motivational quote stay Positive Around Toxic People

It’s important to keep positive around toxic people. Face it – we work hard to surround ourselves with pleasant, supportive people, but sometimes we have to put up with toxic people. Whether they’re our peers, coworkers, or some form of client, we have to deal with them. But how do we keep the peace we’ve […]