Narcissist Quotes: Overcome Narcissistic Abuse

narcissist quotes overcome narcissistic abuse

So, you’ve finally escaped narcissistic abuse. Now you have to accept that the abuse is not your fault. Be sure you don’t allow the trauma of narcissism trap you into having toxic thoughts. This means: Believing that you either deserved the abuse or were the cause. This is how people with narcissistic personalities or narcissistic […]

Self Esteem Quotes: 4 Important Words

Self esteem quotes Do You Know These 4 Important Words?

How much do you know about these 4 words? Do you know why they’re so important? Without love in your life – for people or hobbies – there’s no passion to progress. Honesty keeps us humble and in check with our realities. Are we feeling okay? Are we hiding something from someone else or ourselves? […]

Inspirational Quotes: Sober Inspiration

inspiritional quotes sober inspiration

Everyone in recovery needs a little sober inspiration! Sometimes recovery itself can make you feel inspired and full of life. Other times, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and getting a little sober inspiration can be super helpful to keep you going. Especially right now when many people are […]

Motivational Quotes: Your Biggest Bully

motivational quotes your biggest bully

Have you ever stopped to think that you’re your biggest bully? When was the last time you stopped and really considered how you’re talking to yourself? What’s your inner dialogue like? Maybe you’re kind and compassionate to others, but you talk yourself down from excelling at what you love. Here are three ideas to help […]

Boundary Quotes: Time Is Valuable

Boundary quote Time is valuable

Do you think your time is valuable? In fact, your time is your most valuable asset. That’s why so many people want it. Setting boundaries may be difficult when relationships are already long-established. It’s important to know where you draw the line, so others in your life don’t take advantage. It’s not surprising that your […]

Narcissist Quotes: You’re Not Too Sensitive

narcissist quote Not too sensitive

When you’re not too sensitive, you know the truth. Someone is controlling you by making you feel bad. And there’s no way to fix it. The other person won’t listen long enough for you to speak your truth. Narcissists use the sensitivity chip to get away with abusive behavior. It takes two to have a […]