Tips For Moving To India

Moving To India

Things to do before moving to India

Are you thinking of moving to India? When you return to India after spending years in the USA it can feel like an overwhelming change, especially if you have been living in the USA for a long time. A lot of moving parts need dealing with. If you want to have a smooth shift from the USA to India, get organized first. Before planning your move, make sure that all your legalities have been completed. 

Apart from legalities, various other factors like your house, cars, etc., need to be managed. It can sound overwhelming to you amid this drastic step in your life. Here’s a useful list of things to do before moving USA to India

Check your documents

Before heading out to India, ensure you collect all the original copies of your documents. You may have given your original documents to your company or college. So at the time of leaving, gather all the originals as you will require them in India. Sometimes, your employment opportunities can be reduced without original documents—documents like visas, employment letters, medical records, birth certificates, account details, etc. 

Manage your bank account statements

Your bank accounts will enable you to execute all the transactions. So make sure you close your US accounts while starting Indian Bank accounts. You may also be required to keep your US account open for financial purposes. So consider that also. You can also try to associate with a global bank that offers services in the US and India. Also, enquire about the processes of NRE and NRO. You can also apply for converting your NRI account into a resident account in India. However, it will depend upon your bank’s norms and guidelines on whether to convert your account or not. 

Moving to India means you have to sort out your credit cards

You may have taken loans or credit cards while living in the USA. However, make sure to close off all these before leaving the country. If possible, pay all your debt as early as possible and also update your taxes. If you cannot pay the loan right away, consider making payments later. Arrange with your bank to pay installments regularly. 

Change the resident addresses

When you return to India, your documents will change your resident address. So in all your postal services and addresses. You can also create a forwarding address for your bank statements, work processes, or maybe personal uses. However, removing the previous address is a much better option as it will reduce the chances of misunderstanding. Also, update your address on the sites you use for shopping, like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. 

Aadhaar card set up

The aadhaar card is very crucial for managing all government services in India. So it is best if you start the Aadhaar verification process before coming to India. It will verify your identity as a native Indian. So your NRI consideration will be eradicated from your documents. Aadhaar verification in India requires your biometric fingerprints and proof of Indian residency. So add your permanent address of India while verifying your Aadhaar card. 

PAN Card Set up

PAN card is also equally crucial in India, just like the Aadhaar card. It will help you in managing all your taxation services. The Income Tax Department of India issues a PAN card. It is essential for opening a bank account in India. Similarly, it is crucial for employment. It also works as identity verification in India. 

Get your Internet connection and new phone sim card

Prepare a good network connection and a native sim card when you come to India. You will be dependent on your internet for almost everything. So make sure you choose a reliable network service. 

Conclusion Moving USA to India is a significant step. That’s why I try to manage everything properly to experience streamlined shifting. First, check your credit cards and loans. Pay if any one of them is due. Then, get your Aadhaar card and PAN card immediately. Next, arrange a good internet connection and buy a new Indian sim card. Also, inform all your relatives and friends about your new number and address.

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