United In Covid 19 Isolation

emerging stronger after corona virus

People united in Covid 19 isolation offer support for those who serve and those who are alone and suffering. Together we can emerge stronger.

People cheering from their balconies in NYC served as the inspiration for this post.

The gratitude was overwhelming as people united in Covid 19 isolation

Leslie Gold writes: On Friday at 7pm, residents of New York City went to their balconies and open windows to cheer for the healthcare workers, grocery staff, delivery drivers, and the many others who are going the extra mile to keep them safe. The thunderous applause, cheers, and hollers of thousands filled the streets as people paid tribute to those working long hours and risking exposure in order to protect them.

People from all walks of life came together to express gratitude, and together they created a community of people with shared values and a shared mission. You may not live in NYC and you may not be one of those workers; but you can still go the extra mile to thank and support others while helping yourself. You can lift others and show gratitude during this difficult time. Every act of kindness makes a difference to the person on the receiving end, and it helps you too.

United in Covid 19 means staying connected

Think about someone you know who is struggling with boredom, anxiety and/or depression during this difficult time of social distancing. Give them a call. Invite them to go on a walk with you, even if they live hundreds of miles away. What better way to practice social distancing! It may be hard to get started, but since you’ve got a friend on the phone, you can encourage each other.

Keep moving to stay healthy and counter fear and depression

Get outside at the same time and continue the conversation while you are moving. You will both feel better within moments. Sunshine boosts serotonin levels, one of the body’s natural antidepressants. And the longer you move and connect, the better you will feel.

Video chat and share positive images and thoughts

Take advantage of the many video chat options to show each other the beauty of the surroundings. It could be a spring flower starting to bloom. It could be puffy clouds floating by. Describe the feel of the wind and the sunshine, the smells wafting by, and any enjoyable sounds. Remember to thank your walking partner as you conclude your conversation. You will feel so much better than if you had spent that time sitting alone at home.

You can transform this period of coronavirus isolation into a time of gratitude, movement, observation and connection. You can emerge mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger. Strides in Recovery