Toxic Relationship Quotes: They Don’t Care

when people show they don't care
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Believe Them when they Show You They Don’t Care

When people show they don’t care, you’re going to be hurt. Right? Believing the reality is giving up your deniability, and it is a hard one to digest. Even harder to do. Do you make excuses when people you care about act like they don’t care about you? Do you tell yourself they’re busy with other things? What about a sibling or a date? Maybe you’re a daughter who isn’t appreciated. It isn’t easy having hurt feelings and not be able to deal with them.

When people show they don’t care it may not be personal at all.

It hurts when people do things that show they don’t care, but it may not be you. I always find it comforting when I think things over and turn the blame for bad treatment away from myself. It’s healthy to have to look at others and their behavior instead of turning everything into what may be wrong with ourselves. Sometimes it has nothing to do with us. And that’s a whole new and better way to think about it. They may not be caring to anyone. They may be toxic or narcissistic. But whatever is going on with the relationship that hurts you, acknowledging reality and believing what you see can set you on the path to healing and freedom.