Anxiety Journal Prompt: Calming List

Anxiety journal prompt calming list

This journal prompt calming list is just what you need to start or end your day Why do you need a calming list? That’s not a real question. We all feel anxious at morning, at night and many times in between. Creating your calming list s a perfect way to stop those triggers when they […]

Anxiety Journal Prompt: 5 Things

anxiety journal prompt

Why is it useful to journal about daily reminders? Because journaling is the second most calming thing you can do. The first, of course, is exercise. You didn’t think we’d say have a drink, did you? Exercise works by releasing endorphins that make you feel good. It also makes you live longer. Meditation and yoga also serve […]

Mental Health Journal Prompt: Challenge

mental health journal prompt

Mental health journal prompt of the day! Taking care of your mental health is absolutely crucial for a happy life, healthy body, and positive relationships. One way to take care of our mental health is to create a roadmap. We do that by journaling, making lists, and using other tools to help us remember what’s […]

Self-Esteem Journal Prompt: Negative Thoughts

self esteem journal prompt

Self-esteem journal prompt time! Building self-esteem in recovery is critical! It may not be easy at first, but with practice and time, you’ll be amazed at the differences within yourself. For this journal prompt assignment, take a couple of minutes to keep track of your negative thoughts. For this self-esteem journal prompt, write them down […]

Self-Reflection Journal Prompt: Letter to Self

self reflection journal prompt

Letter to self helps you become the person you needed when you were younger Letter to self lets you take a few minutes to reflect on what you would have told yourself as a teenager. Would you have told yourself to be strong, to be patient, to avoid drugs and alcohol? Whatever it is, journal […]

Sobriety Journal Prompt: Who Enables Your Addiction

sobriety journal prompt Who enables your addiction

Who enables your addiction Who enables your addiction is a great journal prompt to start or end your day. Enabling means making it easier for you to keep doing something that’s hurting you. Here’s an example. I’ll make it about cake instead of your drug of choice. Say I’m a diabetic and can’t eat cake. […]