Time To Declutter And Prep For The Season


Great Tips To Declutter In Any Season

If you are someone who hates to clean and declutter,  don’t distress because we have some ideas for how to declutter that workspace and won’t stress you out. You see, a while back, a client I worked with hired a professional “de-clutterer” to come in and help us clean up her office, workspace, and showroom.

It was a life-changing experience for my client and me, as I watched and helped. How to declutter your home, or any other space comes down to three simple things. These three things are also perfect self-care tips so you’re getting a twofer here!

But, before we even go there, though, let’s talk about why decluttering is so important. In my book, 100 Tips for Growing Up, I have several tips that revolve around decluttering: taking out the trash and making sure the space you spend time in is clean, organized, and nice to look at. It is a gift to your eyes and your heart, especially if you have anxiety and can’t handle seeing a mess when you wake up in the morning.

Declutter: It Will Make You Feel better

A home that has no clutter or mess will make you feel happier, I swear. It will also make working from home easier. In fact, if you are working from home now, make sure to make yourself a workspace as well. A dedicated workspace can make all the difference in having a productive day.

How To Declutter Quickly

Look through your stuff going through one space at a time and make three piles.

The first pile is the stuff that can go. Anything you don’t need, don’t use, haven’t worn, won’t wear, has expired, doesn’t work, lost the wires, you get the idea…Throw it out! Put it a pile that is going straight to trash or donation.

The second pile is the stuff you love and can’t get rid of but don’t use and should go into some kind of storage. This is where a garage or extra room comes in very handy if you have access to that kind of space. If you do not, consider what kind of storage might be right for you. Strapped for cash? Ask a relative. Worried about safety? Find a secure facility. But, these are the items you can pack up and put away somewhere, relieving your space of stuff.

The third pile is what you use, what you need regularly, what you wear, and anything that needs to be kept close but organized better. Once you have more space from the other items being gone, it will be easier to put the stuff you need away.

If you need design ideas, spend some time on the internet (ie., Pinterest) finding images or videos of what to do. It’s all out there if you look. I love The Container Store. Containers for everything! Don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning up. Take it one space at a time, one day at a time.

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