Whether you love it not, it’s time to learn how to work from home

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, and we were all forced to work from home, it seemed like a temporary inconvenience. Or, a welcomed change. But, as the weeks have turned into months and now we see public unrest, it’s clear that life as we know it is paused for now. Even people who have been cleared to return to work, won’t be working in the office the way they were. There will be designated days and times we can go in, and we still won’t see the inside of many places for a while.

Learning to live and work at home has become an ongoing necessity for a successful life in this new reality. I spoke with Dr. Kate Truitt, a licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in Pasadena, CA. She is the founder of Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates, the CEO and Training Director for the Trauma Counseling Center of Los Angeles, Global Coordinator of Continuing Education for the Havening Techniques, Executive Director of the American Cognitive Training Association, and Chairman of the Board of the Amy Research Foundation.

We talked about many things, including Havening, and staying stay safe through Covid-19. In this part of the conversation, Dr. Truitt, shares suggestions on how to stay normal while working from home. If you haven’t made these adjustments or schedules in your life, it’s time.

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Lindsey Glass

Lindsey Glass is the co-founder of Reach Out Recovery. Her 2016 ASAM Media Award winning documentary, The Secret World Of Recovery, has helped to lift the stigma from addiction and recovery and is used in recovery programs nationwide to show what life is like on the other side of addiction. Lindsey's teen prevention documentary, The Silent Majority, was distributed to PBS stations nationwide by American Public Television in 2014-15. Lindsey has written dozens of popular articles on recovery. She is a recovery advocate and frequent keynote speaker. Lindsey is the author of 100 Tips for Growing Up, My 20 Years of Recovery, 2019. Before focusing on recovery, Lindsey was a TV and screenwriter. She has worked in publishing, web development, and marketing.

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