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If You Have No Idea What I mean By How To Heal Your Soul Move On

I’m not here to convince you that you need to heal your soul. I’m not even saying there’s anything wrong with you, or me. But, if you’ve ever thought, “I need to heal my soul,” know that you are not alone. There are some of us out here who need soul healing. To me, it doesn’t matter if it comes from childhood trauma, an abusive relationship, a toxic work environment, the intense grief of losing someone you love, or a pet you love. If you know what I mean, you know what I mean. If you don’t, this blog ain’t for you.

So Bravo You’ve Had The Thought That Your Heart, Or Spirit, Or Soul Needs A Healing

What’s next?

Not everyone will love this one. I don’t love it. But, it is a divine truth. When you need to heal your soul, it’s pretty important to get quiet. This does not mean isolating, not having fun, not engaging in meaningful relationships with people, even personal or romantic ones. This means spending meaningful time alone for whatever allows you to turn inward for reflection and personal growth. I think this is crucial for several reasons including, this is a time to turn to spirituality, even if you’re not spiritual. Looking for outward validation from meaningless things isn’t a solution for this recovering person. Reading, writing, understanding, forgiving, finding meaning, these are the positive solutions that push you forward in an emotionally healthy way. Ignoring what happened or using things to push it away won’t help you learn.

Have as much fun as possible. At least half a dozen people I respect have told me to enjoy my life as I personally heal from life being lifey. “That’s your best advice?” I was shocked. Shouldn’t I go to an ashram and eat nothing but a grain of rice a day for at least six months? Not at all. Life is uncertain and disturbing on a good day. There’s no reason to mope or feel bad. When you’re in the space to start healing, whatever has happened is over. The war is over. You can be happy again. It may not be easy at first, but you’ll find a way to smile again. Who or what made you laugh? Who or what makes you happy? Find them, it, whatever, and have some freaking fun.

Be nice. Every single Goddamn time I judge a situation or act unkind, or entitled, or like a bitch, it comes back to haunt me. Every. single time. Recently two situations happened where I caught myself in a situation where I wanted to be annoyed and I regrouped and thank God I did. Both would have had unforeseen consequences and it’s only from learning hard lessons from my bad days that I try my best to be kind at all times to everyone. Being nice also comes back to you in meaningful ways. Being a dick might cause a situation that makes you ruminate at night for the rest of your life.

Rest. It’s so important and I do it and so should you. I sleep a solid eight hours and often nap. It’s not even on purpose when I’m going through a heavy time. It’s like my body and brain can only take so much. Can’t stay on your workout schedule? Just do your best. I’m walking 4 miles a day because I literally can’t pick up the weights some days. And, that’s cool too. The soul needs rest right now. It makes sense. If you’ve been dealing with a stressful situation of any kind it’s like you’re on heightened alert all the time. When it’s over, there’s a natural trend to rest.

Healthy life. If it isn’t obvious, don’t drink too much, don’t do drugs, don’t overuse Rx drugs, and don’t engage in risky behaviors. This will not help you heal. It will distract you and make you ultimately feel much, much worse. I’m not saying you can’t take the edge if that helps you. Go for it. Just don’t use and abuse and put yourself in dangerous situations. You’re too god for that. That was a typo but I love it so I’ll just write it again. You’re too GOOD for that.

To wrap up, if you feel your heart is broken and your soul is shattered and you need to heal yourself, take the time and self-love to engage in the following: Nurturing time alone, lots of fun and friends (well, as much as you can take), connect to your spirituality, get outside, live your best life, eat well, exercise well, and feel your feelings. You have to go through to get through. And, for the love of God, don’t abuse yourself with drugs, alcohol, or any bad and destructive behavior while you’re trying to heal. It will do the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. Good luck and good healing.

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