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Recovery advocate and author Leslie Glass writes for Newsweek. “After a decade of writing articles and books on addiction and recovery for Reach Out Recovery, I am now honored to write about recovery and business for Newsweek as a member of the Newsweek Expert Panel.” Reach Out Recovery will also be adding Spotlight articles on business leaders who are making their companies Recovery Friendly. Is your workplace recovery friendly? What does it mean and how can we get there to help end the addiction epidemic? Contact us if you know a recovery business leader for us to showcase. Read Leslie’s articles here.

How Business Can End The Addiction Epidemic by Leslie Glass Newsweek 7/13 The extraordinary effort to combat and end the COVID pandemic included a massive public information drive to educate and inform people about the disease and how to protect against it. That effort paid off, and the nation is opening up again. But there is another health crisis that continues to threaten business and the nation: alcohol and substance use disorders (AUD and SUD, the new official names for addiction). However you want to define it, the fact is that addiction in the workplace costs U.S. businesses and organizations $81 billion a year in lost profits. read more

Addiction And Recovery Messaging Need A Makeover

Reach Out Recovery by Leslie Glass 7/28 Is addiction and recovery messaging totally depressing you and making you crazy? Have you noticed how people’s eyes glaze over when you talk about it? I talk about addiction and recovery every day both for Reach Out Recovery and as part of my work with Rotary International US Task Force on Addiction Prevention. So, I do know how much people avoid this subject.

Can you believe that some people are now blaming Covid for the yearly almost 100,000 deaths from overdoses? Covid isn’t to blame for the opioid epidemic. Addiction been escalating for nearly twenty years, and opioids are not the only ones. Nothing new here. Who’s to blame for the 100,000 preventable deaths. We’ve been counting and tolerating, and we don’t start paying attention until people are in the end stage of their disease, act crazy, commit crimes, and die in the street. It only took a few thousand deaths to mount a public information campaign against Covid. What about polio, breast cancer? Same thing there. Rotary International, in case you didn’t know, stepped in to end polio worldwide. That’s the power of unity of purpose. A worldwide nonprofit took on an illness and conquered it. Same with breast cancer. It was commercialized by business and solutions were found. read more