New Recovery Coloring Book For Kids

Recovery coloring book for kids

Recovery Coloring Book For Kids Who Need Help And Hope

This recovery coloring book for children will give kids reassurance that they will be all right.  I created this coloring book for kids facing unimaginable trauma because having hope and believing you can be okay in the future no matter what’s happening now is the key to recovery and healing. In recovery we are all healing from something, and everyone needs tools for emotional support. Vulnerable children in disrupted, frightening, and life-threatening situations need hope more than anything. Hope aids survival. Books bring new ideas and creativity to children starved for distractions.

Recovery Coloring Book: What Are The 8 C’s

Using a vocabulary originally intended for children and families coping with substance use and mental illness, we have adapted our new coloring book for all children everywhere. It is the delightful story of a child at sea in dangerous waters. He feels lost and alone. Through the 8 C’s of empowerment depicted in 18 pages to color, the child learns he is not to blame and can help himself.

This story brings hope and reassurance in both words and pictures that any child anywhere can relate to. Because there are so few words, it’s easy to translate. This delight 25 page coloring book comes with 18 pages to color, new words to learn, and a box of 8 crayons. Children need assurance that everything will be all right no matter what is happening in their lives right now. Empowerment and creativity are mixed with new ideas on how to connect, express themselves and be all right. 

Recovery Coloring Book: The Eight C’s Of Emotional Empowerment

  • I didn’t Cause the problem
  • I can’t Cure the problem
  • I can’t Control the problem
  • I don’t have to Contribute to the problem
  • I can take care of myself
  • I can connect with other people
  • I can communicate my feelings
  • I have choices to help myself

Includes a dictionary to explain the 8 Cs terms, A box of 8 Crayola crayons

In The Eight C’s That Help Me Be All Right coloring book for ages 4-10, the vocabulary is encouraging and safe and empowering. Children learn they can be all right no matter what is happening around them right now. This is useful in all settings where children are struggling.

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