signs of healthy relationships
Signs of healthy relationships, your smile and happiness are two
relationship quotes signs of health relationships

Signs of healthy relationships are happiness and contentment

What are the signs of healthy relationships? The answer is key to the question of what makes people happy which has been studied all over the world for centuries. What makes people happy is not what you think. Riches and things do not make people happy. Even power does not make people feel happy or fulfilled.

According to the great psychologist Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the essentials to personal growth begin with having a roof over your head, clothing to cover you, and food to eat. For personal actualization, however, which means the ability to grow and be happy, people need connectedness, healthy, loving relationships, and work that can sustain them. What researchers have found is that people in the most emotionally difficult circumstances can still have the emotional resources to grow. The signs of healthy relationships can be counted in the articles below.

How safe and content do you feel

Do you have healthy relationships with your family

A great workbook for developing or restoring healthy relationships is 100 Tips For Growing Up, see inside the book and get a free download with tips here.

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