Narcissist Quotes: The Power of Silence

creation is quiet

Creation is quiet is such a beautiful thought, especially in this changing season. It may still be frozen, and sounds of winter are loud where you are, but the thaw is coming. We promise. When the first spring flowers poke their leaves through the softening earth, it’s always a surprise the first time we see […]

Narcissist Quotes: You’re A Fixer

narcissist quotes manipulation makes you a fixer

Manipulation makes you a fixer by getting you to do, often unreasonable, things that you really don’t want to do. It’s important to know that manipulation is often built on a series of lies and misinformation. Lies what’s really happening or about you inspire negative feelings. You feel guilty or sad, and you worry about […]

Narcissist Quotes: Don’t Think They’re Wrong

narcissists don't think they're wrong

We’ve all had arguments with someone who simply won’t assume responsibility for their mistakes. They either deflect the blame, or lay it on you. When they can’t own up to their wrongdoings, it’s time to move on – staying with them is not worth it. Here are some telltale signs of when it’s time to […]

Narcissist Quotes: Snake Charmers

narcissist quotes Narcissist charm

Narcissists know how to turn on their charm – they especially know how to make it last. Once they know they have their victim in their grip, they drop the act. They know how to make it easy for their targets to fall “in love” with them – everything is easy, breezy, and beautiful, right? […]

Narcissist Quotes: Mind Games

mind games that make you feel awful

The meme above shows some mind games that make you feel awful. Mind games may not seem to be a pattern in a loved one or friend. The person who makes you feel awful may claim to be a perfectionist, or a super sensitive person, or a person who feels wronged by life. But what […]

Narcissist Quotes: 10 Damages

Top 10 damages of a narcissist

Damages of a narcissist go deeper than the things you can’t do with them. Narcissists are not just selfish people. Because they don’t care about anything or anybody but themselves, their sole purpose with others is to have control and make people do whatever they want. Selfish people can be difficult, but they have a […]