11 Motivational Quotes For Recovery

motivational quotes keep trying

Motivational quotes are a great tool for recovery, relationships, and wellness

Motivational quotes for recovery are special because they focus on accepting where we are and pointing to where we want to go. In recovery we need more than just encouragement to forge ahead for success. Forging ahead for success is easier for people who already have healthy self esteem and know they can achieve more. When addiction has damaged health, finances, relationships, and family members, however, it’s not so easy to know what to do or where to go or how to stay on track. Success for those in recovery is something completely different.

Sayings that really help, start where you are and not where you’ve been

It’s the small steps for growth that keep you feeling upbeat and energized along the way. For those creating a new life after addiction or are coping with addiction right now, motivation has more than one hurdle. Getting past the shame of having the disease and the damage done means motivation has to start with looking forward, taking tiny steps and appreciating every day and every positive action that brings you closer to long term stability.

Recovery can sometimes feel boring and that it’s a far cry from the exciting, sometimes dangerous, lifestyle of addiction and alcoholism. Getting used to a new normal takes practice, so it’s easy to stray in the beginning. Life may feel without fun and stimulation, and extra support is needed. It takes practice to find happiness in the small things of life.

Some people also feel very stuck in recovery. That’s another feeling that addicts and alcoholics are unused to experiencing and can find very uncomfortable. This is an easy time to relapse, or find new, bad habits. That’s a reason the motivational quotes for recovery keep us grounded and doing exactly what we can do today.