Choosing A Couples Rehab Setting

couples rehab

Couples Rehab Is Addiction Recovery To Consider

Have you ever heard of couples rehab? Neither had we, but it has such advantages, and here’s why. Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex and destructive circumstance that can ruin not only the lives of those directly affected but also their loved ones, especially in the case of couples using together. Addiction strains relationships and often leads to conflict and even separation.

However, couples who are both struggling with addiction have a ‘silver lining’ opportunity to support and help each other get clean and sober together. Effective rehab facilities for couples provide an evidence-based treatment option for couples looking to overcome addiction together.

Keep reading this concise and actionable guide to get tips on ways of choosing a couples rehab setting that will help you both find a destination that supports lasting recovery!

What Does Couples Rehab Provide

Rehab facilities that allow couples are designed to provide specialized treatment for couples who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, or what is now clinically referred to as substance use disorders. Couples’ addiction treatment facilities offer a range of programs and services that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of couples and are found nationwide. Such programs offer couples’ counseling, group therapy, and individualized treatment plans based on both members of a couple, as well as taking into account interactions and paired history.

Are There Really Benefits to Rehab for Couples

One of the core benefits of a rehab setting for couples is the chance for both parties to go through the recovery process together. This can be quite beneficial for couples as they can support and encourage each other through difficult times.

General Guidelines on Selecting a Couples’ Program

When looking for a rehab facility for couples, whether you both are seeking a couples treatment facility in California or in Alaska, it makes sense to consider the following practices and general rules:

1.    Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Planning: A reputable rehab facility for couples should being with the foundation of a comprehensive assessment of both partners’ substance abuse history and treatment goals.

Based on this background evaluation, a personalized treatment plan can then be developed to meet the unique needs of both parties.

2.    Individual and Couples Therapy: The rehab facility should provide a good mix of both individual and sessions with your spouse or partner. Individual therapy sessions give a chance for each person to work through issues independently. In a couples’ setting you both will get to work with one another and reconcile underlying issues to grow stronger, together.

3.    Family Therapy: While not for all couples, family therapy can also help you to grow closer, with one another as well as your respective loved ones. This setting allows family members to discuss the impact of your drinking or using on them, and how they perceive your addiction and efforts at recovery.

4.    Aftercare Services: All effective rehab facilities, for couples or otherwise, should provide aftercare services to help transition from treatment to daily living. These services can include ongoing therapy, dedicated support groups, and local resources to help both of you maintain a healthy and lasting sobriety.

5.    Dual Diagnosis Treatment Offered When Needed: A great many people who struggle with addiction also have underlying mental health issues. If you or your partner also have a mental health diagnosis (such as major depression, bipolar, or BPD) your chosen facility should provide dedicated dual diagnosis treatment. This will help to address both the substance use disorders you are struggling with and any underlying mental health issues.

6.    A Supportive Environment: Any couples’ rehab facility worth its salt should offer a supportive and non-judgmental environment for treatment and recovery. All staff should have undergone training to handle the needs of couples in rehab and the facility itself (as well as its surroundings) should promote a sense of safety, welcome, and security.

Important Reminders of the Reality of Couples Rehab

Rehab centers for couples can be effective in helping couples overcome addiction and build healthier relationships and lives. However, it is important to remember that rehab is just the first step in the recovery process.

Maintaining sobriety and growing a healthy partnership or marriage takes time and effort, and couples should be prepared to commit to the long-term work required to build a successful recovery once completing their stay in treatment.

A final caveat comes in the form of sleeping arrangements. Few if any reputable facilities allow for couples to sleep in the same bed during their inpatient stay. While you will get a chance to dine with and share time with your loved one, do not expect to sleep in the same quarters.

Find Your Couples Recovery Destination With Expert Guidance

If you are searching for rehab facilities for couples, Find Addiction Rehabs can provide a range of options nationwide. Their dedicated team partners with facilities across the country to offer a range of programs and services that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of couples.

If you and your spouse or partner are struggling to overcome substance use of any kind, consider reaching out to Find Addiction Rehabs for a confidential consultation today. Their team will perform a complimentary insurance verification and often can provide options in your area within minutes.

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