Grief Quotes: Walks Beside You

Quote of the Day Grief

Unresolved grief can linger and cause problems

It’s important to figure out if you’re living with unresolved grief. And, if so, it’s critical to find out how to deal with it in healthy ways so it doesn’t interfere with your life or happiness. Unresolved grief is more common than we think. And now with the Corona Virus changing life as we know it, the potential for unresolved grief and lasting emotional impact is great. But first, let’s clarify that grief for someone we lost is only one cause of lingering sadness. I grieved for my mother for 30 years, searched for her on the street, and sobbed when I saw other mothers and daughters having fun. Even shopping for clothes made me tearful because it was something we used to do together. My decades-long reaction was beyond typical sadness, I had unresolved grief.


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