top 10 sober quotes

Our top 10 sobers quotes will give you some fun and pleasure today, and who doesn’t need that? Each one comes with more to read. We know you love sober quotes and all that goes with them. So we’ve collected your favorites, and each one has an article for you to read more.

Here come our Top 10 sober quotes

This sober quote is a great journal prompt, too. So why is your sobriety your everything? For us, sobriety means being healthy, having good relationships, being able to sustain work and be a good co worker? What does sobriety offer you? Read more

Why did you have to get sober? For some of us it was just sober curious. I , for instance, wanted to know how others in recovery felt about giving up the thing they loved the most, and I wanted to support my loved ones in recovery. Here’s what happened. I stopped drinking for 3 months, and never went back. That’s not uncommon. Sometimes people want to keep the benefits going. I was willing. What about you? Read more

You know how they talk about cancer survivors? People in recovery are survivors, too. Did you know that addiction is the only disease in which the patient is in charge of the outcome? You are the only one in charge. It’s true. Cancer and diabetes and heart disease need to be medically managed, and the outcome is not in the patient’s control. But when you’re sober, you can determine your own fate. That’s pretty exciting. “You can survive and thrive,” says Lindsey, author of 100 Tips For Growing Up.

Top 10 sober quotes include this one which always makes me feel good. When you first stop drinking, or using and someone says, “You’re no fun,” you feel bad. Are you really no fun anymore? Then after a while, you just say, “I don’t drink,” and that’s the day you start feeling awesome. Give me zero proof, and I’m happy.

We can feel we’re accomplishing something every single day we’re sober

Wow, this is so fun because you can add up all your successful days. Every day is a new benchmark and a new accomplishment.

Any form of addictive behavior, whether it’s drinking or using drugs, or eating too much or too little, even overexercising is a form of slavery. You can even be a slave to your possession or your loved ones. We’re talking sobriety, and all of mental health is balance and control. Read more.

Here’s one rental where it’s not about money

Did you ever rent a house, apartment, office, storage space? Then you know that you have to keep paying the rent or lose what you want and need. Sobriety is the same, but payment doesn’t cost money. You pay for your sobriety with the help and support of your friends, family, program. It’s a group effort, that always pays off.

This goes back to the first sober quote. Sobriety is my everything. I thought I knew who I was and what I was doing, but I was sorely mistaken. Sobriety opened my mind about how I related to other people and changed some of my views about myself. When you open your mind about who you were when you were drinking or using, you can grow into a much better person.