What Are Mental Health Issues At Every Age

Mental health issues

Mental Health Issues Affect People of All Ages

Do you know someone who is experiencing mental health issues? A recent WHO report  points out that one in eight people today live with a mental health disorder, and suicide is a leading cause of death among young adults. These mental health conditions impact our overall sense of well-being and can lead to years of disability for the individual. They also have major economic consequences for countries. People experiencing these mental health conditions often face stigma, discrimination, and difficulty accessing essential care, which can make them even more challenging.

In recent years, numerous mental health apps have been focusing on overcoming these challenges and making mental healthcare more accessible and stigma-free. We have a variety of mental health apps today, focusing on specific disorders as well as those meant for enhancing general well-being. These apps are designed for different age groups based on the common mental health concerns prevalent among each of them. Some of the best online therapy apps also offer 24/7 support, allowing people to get the care they need from the comfort of their own homes, at their convenience.

Mental Illness Among Children And Teens

Mental health issues can affect how children and teens learn, feel, or behave, and serious changes in these can cause anxiety and depression. The most common mental health disorders caused in childhood are attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression and other behavior disorders. The signs of these disorders can include extreme distress when separated from a caregiver or avoiding social situations, having repeated tantrums, behaving in an aggressive or defiant manner, or having trouble paying attention.

While children may often struggle to reach out to in person professional sessions, mental health apps can help them receive the right kind of support. The best online therapy apps focus on strengthening their mental health as well as helping them learn cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based techniques to manage their mental health better.

Mental Health Concerns In Young Adults

The onset of early adulthood is often accompanied by a lot of changes and stressors. The way people respond and cope with these changes can impact their mental well-being and cause emotional and psychological difficulties. Mental health conditions can impact various aspects of life for adults including their physical health, interpersonal relationship and employment. Mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and substance use disorders are the most prevalent among adults, with almost a billion adults today living with a mental health condition.

Despite a large number of people experiencing mental health conditions, there’s a huge gap in the financial and human resources required to support these individuals adequately. Mental health apps aim to bridge this gap by providing affordable and accessible care to people. These apps can help adults with a variety of concerns such as anxiety, phobias, panic, depression, sleep issues, addiction or post-traumatic stress disorder by connecting them to a mental health professional for online therapy. Those experiencing milder distress can also try self-help tools or even connect with an AI chatbot to talk about how they’re feeling.


Mental health conditions can impact people at any age and when left untreated, these conditions can change people’s personalities and their life outcomes. Reaching out to the right support timely, can help people overcome them and have a better quality of life. Mental health apps ensure accessibility of such care and support to all age groups and help them achieve mental wellness.

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