Friendship Quotes: Red Flags Matter

Friendship quotes Red flags really matter
Friendship quotes Red flags really matter

Red flags really matter because they signal danger ahead

Do you think the best of people? Believing in others is a great quality. It probably means you’re kind. You may be a people pleaser or an empath. But when you ignore your better judgment, you can get in real trouble later. Why do we ignore red flags anyway?

We really want to believe the fairytale

We’ve all walked into murky relationship waters because we want something to work. Please, please let this person be the one I’m going to love and trust forever, we pray. Have you ever hired someone who is unreliable in the hope that they will change and help your business? Have you ever covered for someone at work who is slipping and ever more unreliable? When it comes to recovery from substance or alcohol use disorder, we may ignore the red flags of potential relapse. We just don’t want it to happen.

Red flags really matter when you’re ready for healthy relationships

Do you know the difference between healthy relationships and unhealthy ones? Many people have not had enough exposure to what a healthy relationship looks like to know. What is different about a healthy relationship as opposed to an unhealthy one. 100 Tips For Growing Up can help you know yourself.

5 Hallmarks Of A Healthy Relationship

  • Can Speak Up For Yourself: You’re not afraid to voice your thoughts or let your partner know if something is bothering you
  • Partners Respect Each Other: Your wishes and feelings have value. You respect what the other person feels, but value your own feelings equally
  • There Is Compromise: You find a way to compromise in a safe and healthy way when dealing with issues on which you don’t agree
  • Each Person Is Supportive: You build each other up. Neither puts the other person down. You encourage each other to try new things when inspiration strikes
  • Respect The Other Person’s Privacy: You don’t feel the need with to know or to share everything, including your password or other private information. Read More